Loving care when you're not there...

Loving care when you're not there...

Loving care when you're not there...Loving care when you're not there...Loving care when you're not there...

About Us

Croft Boarding Kennels has been in operation since 2006, serving Haldimand County with a warm friendly atmosphere. We (the Veld's) are a family of five that have always had a soft spot for animals! We had the privilege of coming on board in November of 2019, and are enjoying meeting the kennel's many

 repeat customers!

Our Services

Dog Care

Dogs are housed in kennels with individual outdoor runs. All dogs are fed to owner's instructions, and always have access to fresh water. We provide two walks a day, morning and evening. In addition, we have a large outside play pen for dogs to run and stretch their legs. We do not combine dogs that do not come from the same family. If you have two or more dogs that live together, and they get along, we can put them outside to play together!

Cat Care

Our cozy cat houses are equipped with multiple levels for cats to enjoy. We also have an outdoor play pen for the cats to watch birds and stretch their legs in the open space and enjoy the sunshine. Like the dogs, we do not combine cats that are not from the same home. All cats are fed to owner's instructions, and fresh water is provided throughout the day.

Please Note

We ask that owners bring their pet's own food with them for their stay at the kennel, as changing diet can cause digestive upset. 

All animals should be free of parasites and have all vaccinations up to date, including kennel cough (bordetella) and rabies. We do require proof of vaccinations, which can be emailed to us prior to your pet's stay.  If we see fleas or ticks we will take the necessary precautions immediately. 


Extra Details

 We have a nice, clean, friendly building to welcome you and your pets. There is a radio playing constantly during the day and a doggy night light to keep the animals company. We accept a variety of animals so don't worry if your pet isn't a cat or dog. Just give us a call and we'll make arrangements to accommodate you. If your pet is on any medication please bring it along, and we will administer it per your instructions.  We provide blankets and beds for your pets but if you wish to bring their own, you may do so as well.  If the personal items brought in with your pet are soiled, we will provide washing prior to pick up. If requested, we are happy to provide you with updates on your pet via email or text - please ask at drop off. 

Treats and belly rubs are dispensed liberally at Croft Kennels as it is of great importance that your pets feel safe & secure and leave with a happy experience at our kennel!!

A picture of the kennel at sunset!


A picture of the kennel at sunset!

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Give your pet a vacation!

It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!

Croft Boarding Kennels

1851 Concession 6 Walpole Jarvis, ON N0A 1J0

(905) 779-3060 croftkennels19@gmail.com


Monday - Saturday: 

9:00-12:00  &  5:00-7:00
Sunday: 5:00-7:00